Quality Control

No other ring rolling company has a quality control system in place like Midwest Metal Products.  You can relax after placing your order with Midwest Metal Products because we electronically measure each ring during the manufacturing process multiple times.

A lot of companies can say they have a quality control program but Midwest Metal Products has empirical evidence of what every single ring manufactured in our shop measures.  We record this data and maintain a database so at anytime, we can tell you exactly what any ring you’ve ever purchased from us measures.  You will never get rings from Midwest Metal Products that measure out of tolerance from your specified dimensions.

Midwest also has a program in place to make sure that you will never receive punched holes on the ring with burrs.  We take this very seriously because we know that a burr on a steel ring can lead to injury and costly downtime.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our quality control program.