No other company knows punching like Midwest Metal Products.  For over thirty years we have worked on perfecting punching holes in Angle Rings.  We can punch any stock or custom pattern efficiently and with extreme precision.  All of our tooling is properly and frequently maintained to ensure that our customers never receive angle rings that have burrs on the holes.

Stock Punching

Midwest Metal Products can match the exact bolt pattern including hole size of any other ring manufacturer.  If you need to have Kirk and Blum, Koger Air, National Metal, Lewis and Lambert, Chicago Metal, etc., style angle ring, we can accommodate.

Custom Punching

Midwest Metal Products has unique capabilities when it comes to punching holes in angle rings.  We can punch any pattern our customer specifies quickly and accurately on our state-of-the-art, computer-controlled equipment.  If you have a non-stock bolt pattern, even if it has uneven spacing, a variety of bolt circles and a variety of hole sizes, we can punch it for you with no extra lead time.  We can even put holes on the easy way leg of your angle ring.

Often times Midwest Metal Products is able to find a solution to our customers’ problems through the use of our automated punching.

Call us to see how we can help solve your punching problems.