We can custom roll and punch any size bar to nearly any size diameter.  With bar rolled the hardway, cutting flanges out on a plasma or laser table is a thing of the past with a savings on machine time and material that is immediate and significant.  Here is a drawing showing how terribly inefficient burning flat bar flanges out of a sheet or piece of plate is.  Trying to optimize a 4’x8′ sheet with 8″ I.D. flanges made out of 1.25″ width material, results in almost 70% waste.  When rolling pieces of bar the hardware there is not waste.  Not to mention by allowing us to roll your flat bar flanges, you don’t have to take up valuable machine time or incur wear and tear.

When rolling bar the hard way, please specify the material size, the inside diameter of the rings and the bolt circle and hole size to take advantage of our custom punching capabilities.